Do you want to sell your house? ENTREPORTAS ® can help you!

If you are the owner of an apartment, villa, farm, smallholding or a business property in the municipalities of Viana do Castelo, CaminhaVila Nova de Cerveira Póvoa de Varzim, Vila do Conde or Marco de Canaveses, Cinfães, Baião and Resende  and intend to sell, ENTREPORTAS ®  puts at your disposal a range of services designed to promote the sale of your property.

How to sell your house, how to find a buyer for your apartment, villa, farm or smallholding, and how much your house is worth in the property market, these are the questions that ENTREPORTAS ® can answer for you.

Discover the advantages of selling your house with ENTREPORTAS:

  • Previous knowledge of the market where we work and a study of the market in properties for sale permit ENTREPORTAS ® to inform the owner of the value of their house with a reduced margin of error. Maladjusted prices produce inadequate results or more frequently a lack of results in the sale of their house.
  • The strength, prominence and credibility of the ENTREPORTAS® Property Group.
  • The printed and digital marketing package helps owners with the promotion and sale of their house.

Are you prepared for selling your house? Contact ENTREPORTAS ®.

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