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20 reasons that make Portugal the biggest secret of European cuisine

20 reasons that make Portugal the biggest secret of European cuisine

Warning: If you are hungry, do not read this text.

CNN presented a report in which it guarantees that "Portugal is the best kept foodie secret in Europe". And it presents 20 reasons to justify it. Are you ready?

The American channel salivates with the cheeses: the Serra da Estrela Cheese, the Beira Baixa Yellow Cheese, the São Jorge Island Cheese, the Terrincho of Trás-os-Montes. And recommends the company of Port wine, red wine or marmalade.
CNN talks about fish from the Portuguese coast and says it's the best in the world. And it talks about the fantastic Portuguese markets, where you can buy all kinds of fish. Talks about the magnificent grilled sea bass on the barbecue and the fabulous restaurants where you can eat unique fish: São Roque, in Lagos; Restinga, in Alvor; Furnas, in Ericeira; Azenhas do Mar or Adraga Restaurant in Sintra; Ribamar, in Sesimbra; or Dock of Cavacas, in Madeira.
The olive oil, of course, delicious, also deserves attention.

CNN reveals the true Portuguese stew and speaks of the various types that exist: the ones in the Algarve, with grain and mint; The Alentejo ones with lamb; the suave Madeira stews, with sweet potatoes; or the Furnas speciality, literally cooked under the ground with natural vapors.

Oh, and the cod, of which we have hundreds of recipes.

But the biggest compliment was for the fried cod balls, like the Aleixo dumplings in Porto, with small beans. It praises also the cod à Brás, or the lagareiro, or roasted cod with corn bread, or the famous Zé-do-Pipo cod.

Highlight for the rices, especially those made in the North. The oven rice! Duck rice, cabidela rice or sweet rice dessert.
The American television network also speaks of the Portuguese ham: of the Alentejo’s black pig and the bísaro.
In the fruit, it emphasizes the bananas of Madeira, the pineapples of the Azores, the cherries of Serra da Gardunha, the oranges and figs of the Algarve, the melons of the Tejo, the plums of Elvas and the Bravo Esmolfe apples of the West.
The cream pastries always deserve special mention, but CNN has discovered other delicious Portuguese sweets: Madeira honey cake, fig cake, almond and carob from the Algarve, pastels from Tentúgal, bacon from heaven or the nun's bellies.
The list does not end here. Read the full reportage. And, if necessary, take the first plane to Portugal. Because all this exists and, yes, all this is to die for.


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