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A wine love affair

A wine love affair

Quinta Torre de Moncorvo – Douro | Vineyards by Christie´s

Demand for vineyards has soared in the past several years as more lifestyle buyers and wine connoisseurs take the plunge into this romantic—and often revealing—industry.
For most of us, the idea of buying a vineyard to create our own wine is a romantic dream. Increasingly though, it is becoming a reality for many individuals, as demand for vineyard properties has soared in the past several years. 

For Hollywood stars, vineyards are the latest must-have accessory. For lifestyle buyers, a view of vine-clad slopes from your historic Tuscan villa makes a tranquil and pastoral panorama. For Chinese industrialists, a fine winery is a trophy asset. And for ex-hedge fund managers seeking a change of lifestyle, there can be few more rewarding hobbies—especially when you get to drink the fruits of your labor. But knowing where to buy—and what to do when you’ve bought it— is quite another matter.

Most vineyard owners—supermodel Kate Moss and actor Brad Pitt, who both own hobby vineyards in the South of France, included—team to deal with production, leaving themselves with the fun element of soaking up sunsets among the vines and drinking the end result. Alongside enjoying the beautiful properties that many wine estates boast, for many lifestyle purchasers, it is as much about the prime real estate as the full-bodied Cabernet-Sauvignon, which is a tasty added perk. 

Investing in wine is one thing, though; buying a vineyard is a different story altogether. “Fine wine itself has become a must-have investment, perhaps as part of a portfolio, perhaps as an alternative type of investment. For some people owning a vineyard seems to be a step up from that—something glamorous, a move to what is seen as an idyllic lifestyle, or a lifelong passion and dream,” says Carolyn Holmes, Associate Director & Senior Specialist of Christie’s Wine Department.

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